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Simple Mini Funnel Simple printable mini funnel for emptying airbrush cups... Product #: HO3D-FR-MFUNNEL1 based on 1 reviews Regular price: FREE! $0.00

Simple Mini Funnel

Product Code: HO3D-FR-MFUNNEL1

Price: FREE!

Printable, simple mini funnel for emptying airbrush cups. Stop wasting your paint! Mix custom blends, and store them in inexpensive pots.
I swap colors alot, and when doing large terrain runs often need to set aside larger batches of color. This little guy paired with inexpensive bottles you can buy makes saving paint and swapping out real easy.
Just about any print setting will work, for mine I opted for 0.15
Heres the link for the bottles I use, can't go wrong:  10ml Dropper Bottles

Colithat on 05-09-2017 11:30 AM
Silly, but I needed this. Transferring my Citadel paints to standard size like you show in the picture.
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