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D1 Terrain & Effects Easel  D1 Series Terrain & Effects Printable Easel - Up your terrain game. Utility AND appreciated by mac.. Product #: HO3D-MOD-D1EASEL based on 0 reviews Regular price: $3.99 $3.99

D1 Terrain & Effects Easel

Product Code: HO3D-MOD-D1EASEL

Price: $3.99

 D1 Series Terrain & Effects Printable Easel
My angle on cranking up the efficiency and precision you have with terrain models while they are in progress. If youre like me, while working models theres never enough scatter laying around the bench to lean them up against. Jitters. Bad angles. Cats... Your Modder's Jutsu demands daily practice. Practice on the technique, not swatting the stray macaque or cursing the light.
This is further encrusted in rare gems of ability once the Terrain Effects Masks are released!
Find out about updates, ask questions, or see whats in the line for the next level of boomity-boom. I'm not stopping with just this folks. Hit our group here: Modder's Lab
  • Textured in our traditional "D1" dungeon stone to match the stylin' styling.
  • 22 & 45 degree easel angles to the setup- very easy now to concentrate on laying down the lines or effects!
  • Keeps your work stable and hands free. You can drink coffee while you employ the Jutsu!
  • Just a few parts, and can be scaled if you wish for larger work. I've done standard and a 150% resize. Just resize them in your slicer and print.
  • Easy to assemble, Print as many as you like.
  • Print it and go, or mod it! I paint mine up because even though they look great in a dark print, my artist's OCD won't allow anything less.
  • Tested on Original Prusa MK2, Anet A8, A6, A2, Monoprice Maker Select V2, Hictop I3, and Wanhao Duplicator I3 printers.

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